Who is Mediterranya

Mediterranya is a group of young authors from several Mediterranean countries. Here you can find some news about each of them.


Sondos Gamal ElHosseny (Egypt)   

Sondos is a 26 years old Egyptian Writer. She was born and lives in Cairo where she started to publish her writings in numerous magazines and newspapers when she was 13 and since then her short stories and her poetries have won several youth literature contests. In January 2013 she published her first book of short stories titled “their fear is themselves ترعبهم أنفسهم”. Sondos worked as a Researcher, Copywriter, and Arabic teacher and at present she works as a freelance Translator, documentaries scripts Writer and Editor. Furthermore she writes articles for different websites on different topics.

Facebook fan page:
Goodreads page:

Ilana kishko (Israel)   

29 years of age, is born in Russia and currently living in Israel.
Ilana is a graduate student of international development in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and works as an English teacher for children and adolescents at an NGO that promotes excellence education in the periphery in Israel.

Ilana is active in Israeli and Palestinian dialog groups, takes part in a young leadership group and she promotes Human rights in Israel.


Ömer Çiftçi (Turkey)

He’s a youth activist in Turkey. He’s affiliated and working with several NGOs and institutions mostly based on Mediterranean basin. He run and took active role in many projects aiming to increase dialogue and collaboration among the NGOs with focus on sustainability in the region. Currently He represented Turkish youth delegation in UN Ally of Civilization (UNAOC) 5th Global forum in Vienna and UN International Conference on Population and Development (UN ICPD) in Bali, Indonesia. He’s youth Turkish water ambassador for Mediterranean under the umbrella of The Union for Mediterranean and founder of Arab youth water parliament. He’s head of Turkish Delegation in CliMates International Student Think-Do-Tank based on Paris.

He attended “Sea of the Words – International Short Story Contest 2012” organized by IEMed and Anna Lindh Foundation. With his story “Would the flowers have really gone dry? “He was selected  as one  of top 14 winners in short story contest.


Eugenio Dacrema (Italy)   

born in Milan, Italy, 30 years ago, Eugenio has been a informatics consultant, a language teacher, an house mover, a translator and many other things. Currently he is a researcher in International relations specialized on the Mediterranean area and works for a renown political studies research center in Milan. He also writes articles on the Mediterranean countries on several Italian newspapers and keeps a blog about the Mediterranean for his institute’s website. Waiting for the future to reveal to him his next stop.

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ibn_Trovarelli

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eugenio.dacrema


Sayed Ismail (Palestine)   

My story, with all of its details, is quite different from my colleagues’ ones. I’m a Palestinian refugee, originally from Jaffa city. Along my life, I have been through many different experiences and was exposed to a wide range of different cultures. I was born in Kuwait to a father of Moroccan origins from his grand-grandfather. My father carried the Jordanian citizenship after being expelled from Jaffa, and my mother has Egyptian origins. I received my Bachelor Degree in Journalism in Algeria. I speak five languages: Arabic (my mother tongue language), English, French, Italian, and Berber language (Kabyle). Currently, I live in the blockaded Gaza Strip; the so-called “largest open air prison in the world”. It’s an occupied territory and is part of the occupied land of Palestine. From my “wide cell”, I will write to you about a different world, a world of mysterious issues that you have never heard about and I’m looking forward to hearing your responses on what I’m about to show you.




Christoforus (Greece)  

Brewed in Greece but served internationally, Christoforos  is  a Food & arts aficionado, data ninja,  with interest in all

things digital. After a decade-long nomadic life in Europe, he is currently exploring the SE Asia, with first stop in Cambodia. His driving force: A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.


Pablo Sàiz (Spain)

I was born in 1989 in Cuenca, a small enchanted town placed in the heart of Spain where I spent most of my youth. At the age of 18, I moved to Valencia to study Architecture. I love music, magic, cinema and books. However, and above all, I love travelling. During 2013 I studied in Riga, Latvia, place that won my heart and that I promised to come back some day.

Since I was little I have always been passionate about writing, despite the fact that I normally write short stories, tales or poetry when I feel most comfortable is when I write prose-poetry; style that allows me to express what I really feel. Nowadays I take turns writing rather on my personal blog and my novel. I am not in the habit of having future plans, I like living up to the present day as if it was the real gift. My guitar is my lover and she always accompanies me.

My blog: http://semisinfin.wordpress.com/

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Semisinfin

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bersajunior


Katja Knežević (Croatia)   

Katja Knežević was born in 1987 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has lived in Croatia since she was four. She’s been writing poetry and prose all her life. Her poetry has been published in different collections and anthologies. In 2012 she won the first prize in the competition Sea of Words, organised by IeMED and Anna Lindh Foundation with the short story Invisible Mother. The following year she was on the jury panel of the same competition.

Katja graduated in English and French studies and is a teacher and a translator.


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